Antigone Allena 

Create with Earthen Cob - Community Practice & Information Sharing 

Join me in learning how to create sustainable, non-toxic, inexpensive structures with cob. 

Building with cob is a sheer delight -engaging with the earth- sculpting, mixing, squishing, and sifting to make unique artistic forms. Mixing the living materials with our hands and feet is incredibly satisfying.

Experience the community rhythm that emerges from this ancient collaboration to build structure.  It is a natural and simple neighborly action that creates a curvilinear  sculpture, adorned with earthen pigments, niches, and glittering tiles. The knowledge that we can build beautiful, functional space makes us feel alive and capable.


About Antigone


Antigone has been teaching and developing Community Wellness Programs & Retreats since 1984. After graduating with a Community Health & Dance degree,  she moved to Portland, Oregon where she worked at a large athletic club as the Director of Senior Programs, as well specialized personal training. Her full-time work in Wellness continued for another 20 years, teaching workshops in outdoor fitness, community wellness, and motivational classes.

Over the past four years, Antigone has expanded her passion for health and wellness to include the land as her ‘client’, by studying how people and communities interact with the natural world. She created a personal research program while traveling in Spain, Portugal and Greece; including classes and volunteer work at the world renowned Global Sustainability Center, Tamera, in south Portugal. 

After returning to the states, she completed her Permaculture Design Certificate through Oregon State University. Upon completion, she was hired as the Wellness & Permaculture Director of a 40-acre Retreat Center in Colorado where she lived and worked on site; developing miles of walking trails, a lavender garden with over 80 bushes, and a 22,000 square foot Labyrinth. While there, she helped teach and host retreats.

Antigone has also been practicing Cob Building intensely for several years, studying with various instructors to master a wide range of techniques. Currently, she lives in an Intentional Community and teaches community cob building using elements of permaculture design as part of a larger worldwide movement to develop sustainable ways to live, grow, and create positive changes in our relationship with each other and the planet.