Persephone Rose

Nutritionist, Adventurer, Energy Mover

Persephone has journeyed through the hell of autoimmune disease, depression, suicide attempts, a brain injury, and a life unlived. She has been reborn as a Deva, a nutritionist, an adventurer, and an energy mover.

A lifetime of seeking health through food, nutrients, and herbs got her halfway to joy. Likewise, being a spiritual seeker and practitioner brought some relief of mental symptoms and moments of ecstasy. But wholeness and forward motion and vibrant health did not materialize until the aha! moment when she accepted that there is no separation between the body and the spirit. Everything that affects the physical also affects the spiritual, and vice versa.

Two health coaching certifications and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science later, Persephone now bridges the gap between nutritional biochemistry and the mechanisms of spiritual authenticity with the science-based magic of EFT Tapping and the life-altering practice of intentional pleasure.


Her coaching sessions and classes bring foundational nutrition science combined with soul-centered lifestyle tools and spiritual practices that shed light on underlying contributors to physical symptoms, and bridge the gap between knowing what you need to do, and actually doing it.


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 Persephone Rose